Cherie Hussey co-founded E365 with Laura Josey in January, 2015.

Cherie’s career began in the finance industry, while working part-time as a Personal Trainer. After completing a degree in Business Management & Marketing, Cherie relished her position as Sport & Recreation Centre Manager of a team of 60 staff and set up her own Personal Training Studio at the same time. Through these roles, she discovered a passion for change management, marketing and business efficiency, setting up a local community strategic alliance and referral scheme with other prominent businesses. This in turn led to Cherie being offered a position on the board of Fitness Victoria in 2003.


Cherie has 25 years experience working in various industries from small independents to multi-site franchises covering fitness, property, retail and finance. In 2009 she served on the University of the Sunshine Coast Academic Board while completing her Graduate Diploma in Accounting. Cherie's skillset and qualifications range from Prosci change management practitioner, trainer & assesor, personal trainer to business coaching, teambuilding, influencing and negotiation and conflict resolution.

Her ability to encourage and mentor change that drives productivity and efficiency, maintain staff engagement whilst building and negotiating excellent relationships with key stakeholders is unequalled.