Laura Josey co-founded E365 with Cherie Hussey in January, 2015.


Laura’s passion for events began when she was the Director of a successful fitness business in 2010. She used her creative mind to provide community events for all clients from the individual to the team. In 4 years she created a movement and her business achieved 98% client & talent retention.


Laura has five years of Operations and Events Management experience. She has worked in various industries enabling her to adapt her skillset from operations to management or events.


Laura’s motto is “lead by example”. She encourages all her teams to be their best and believes that to lead effectively you need to get to know your team strengths and help them continue to develop them. She believes most managers are sitting on a gold mine of talent in their teams and unless they take the time to get to know their people, they aren’t mining efficiently!


Laura has events in her genetics and has been bought up in the corporate world from a young age. She has also been very successful in her own right and has a passion for helping others create simple yet effective, events that deliver the WOW our clients are looking for.  Laura has qualifications in events, fitness, childcare, hospitality, business and training & assessment.